Friday, 12 June 2015

I Say, The Peach Box

If you are yet to hear of The Peach Box, then we can guarantee you are missing out. Let us give you a bit of a run-down. Based in Australia, The Peach Box offer an elegant, yet equally as edgy, range of jewellery unique to its own. Whether you're looking for a bold, badass ring, or a pair of timeless pearls, The Peach Box is guaranteed to have you covered, and is our go-to when needing to add the finishing touch to any outfit. We are super excited about our most recent pieces, the Coil Melt Ring and the Aztec Warrior Bangle. Check them out in the pictures below.

Want 15% off your next purchase? Simply use the code "tpb-isay_yousay" when finalising your purchase. Click here to get shopping. We say, you won't regret it!