Who is I Say, You Say?

What is I Say, You Say?

I Say, You say, is a music and fashion inspired blog founded and run by, Clare Mingorance and Jessica Eastham. Our blog consists of a number of forms of social media, including an Instagram (@isay_yousay), tumblr page (isayyousayblog.tumblr.com) and twitter (@isay_yousayy).

So, who are we?

Name: Clare Mingorance
From: Adelaide
Biggest fashion idol: Alexa Chung
Current favourite band/musician: The xx

Name: Jessica Eastham
From: England
Biggest fashion idol: The Olsen Twins, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss (Too hard to pick one)
Current favourite band/musician: Lorde

We are both currently in our fourth and final year of university and we could not be happier...  No more extremely long and boring lectures, no more painful assignments and better yet, no more cold late night's in the library. Well, thats if you classify 10pm as being late. Oh, Flinders University, how we will miss your great closing hours....

Apart from studying, most of our days are filled with normal routines, coffee dates, shopping (obviously), keeping up with our favourite bands, casual drinks in the city and blogging!

Why did we start?

Honestly, we created I Say, You Say to share our passion for music and fashion. The whole idea behind creating I Say, You Say, was to basically create a mood board of all the things we enjoy so that you can enjoy it too.

Whats next for I Say, You Say?

Melbourne! We are looking to further expand our love for fashion and music, and we can't think of a better city to do it in.