Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I Say, Fresh Hair and Body

Owning a successful business can be extremely stressful and time consuming however, director of Fresh Hair and Body, Leah Brunoli, makes it seems easy. With already three excellent salons in place located around the beautiful city of Adelaide, Leah has just opened yet another stunning salon and we couldn’t be happier! 
Leah’s fourth salon is situated in the beautiful St Clair, a perfect spot with a wide range of parking facilities close by. Perfect for those days when you are after a quick blow dry and you don’t feel like dressing up. And it doesn’t stop there... Leah’s salons are not just your average hair salon, they offer a range of facilities from hair to make up and even nails! This makes getting ready for the weekend extremely easy and efficient. 

With beautiful decor, including luxurious leather chairs that make your hair treatments feel like you are sitting on clouds whilst being head massaged, the staffs are also fabulous. They make you feel special and really take note on what it is that you are asking for. 

During our visit we were lucky enough to be pampered by the amazing team, and left feeling like we were both able to catch a dude! Check out the photos from out visit below! A huge thank you to Girl About Town and of course Leah Brunoli and her fantastic team for hosting the event. We truly had a blast and will recommend everyone to your beautiful Fresh Hair and Body salons.