Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I Say, Arctic Monkeys Australian Tour

Rock ‘n’ roll. That's what first comes to mind when I think back to last Saturday night. The Arctic Monkeys’ sell out show brought such a diverse audience to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, but despite this diversity, everyone there had one thing in common; the love of Arctic Monkeys. As if Alex Turner’s presence wasn't enough to excite fans, the band selected a killer set-list, which showcased the best of all five albums. Songs from AM, the band’s fifth album, dominated the set, with Arctic Monkeys kicking off the show with Do I Wanna Know?, Snap Out of It and Arabella, which proved to be obvious crowd favourites.

You’d think after five albums, a band would be close to their way out, living off their old classics. However, its safe to say that this does not apply to Arctic Monkeys, with the crowd responding to songs from the later albums just as, or if not more, enthusiastically to those from the older albums. In saying this, the band did not disappoint, playing old favourites such as I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, Dancing Shoes and Fluorescent Adolescent.

After closing the show with 505, the crowd was left dying for more, and the chants soon began. This led to a 3-song encore, which consisted of AM songs only, a bold move by the band, but certainly paid off.  It was not long before Alex Turner had the crowd mesmerised with I Wanna Be Yours, and successfully had every girl in the room wishing he was singing this song about them… or was that just me? The show was wrapped up perfectly with the upbeat, rock ’n’ roll sounds of R U Mine? and definitely had adrenaline levels running high.

So, with their effortlessly cool, rockstar vibe, I say it doesn't get much better than Arctic Monkeys.