Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I Say, Black Skinnys

I Say, Black Skinny's

Finding the perfect pair of black skinny jeans is not always the easiest of tasks. Correct us if we are wrong, but it always seems that the jeans you often find are either, too baggy around the ankle, too long, too short, too loose on the bum or just plain damn wrong. 

After long painful hours spent searching for the perfect pair, we came across a pair of wax black skinny jeans by 'Lee'. Could it be? 

Yes! Not only did these jeans fit PERFECTLY, but they also had an added bonus, the WAX look. These jeans also have amazing zips at the bottom, placed on the inside of the leg. This ensures that the jeans don't stretch and stay tight around the ankle, just as we like it. 

We have both owned and still own several pairs of these jeans as we are just in love. Therefore, I say, do yourself a favour and go grab a pair. 


If plain wax black skinnys are not to your liking, we also have another favourite. The black 'NOBODY' ripped jeans. These jeans are perfect for during the day when you feel like adding something more than just the wax look to your outfit. See below. 

Jeans bought from General Pants (Lee) & Sooki boutique (Nobody).